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Black Turtle Beans are thought to have originated in Southern Mexico and Central America over 7,000 years ago but has now spread widely throughout the United States and the Caribbean. These beans are classified as level 30 in the GI index valued for their nutritional health and culinary uses.

Black turtle beans are known to have to highest antioxidant activity compared with other beans and are said to help prevent aging by fighting free radicals. This low GI food is known to keep you full for longer as it is rich in protein, fibre, molybdenum, zinc and copper and is the reason it is said to help with weight management. A low GI food allows for food to break down at a regulated pace thus helping to maintain a set body weight by managing the food cravings and mood swings that are associated with low blood sugar. Helps those who are diagnosed with diabetes and a great source of minerals for vegetarians and vegans who don’t consume animal products to receive enough iron or protein.

The black pigments in black turtle beans are indicative of a high content of anthocyanins which are flavanoid pigments that are responsible for their health benefits, it is said the darker the colour the better quality of the bean. This is the source of the high antioxidant count and is what is responsible for preventing cancer and fighting degenerative problems by helping to protect cells and aids with immune system problems, heart disease, thrombosis and even eye disorders.

Product of Australia
Nutritional Information (per 100g serve):
-Energy- 1328kj
-Protein- 23.6g
-Fat-Total- 1.1g
-Fat-Saturated- 0.2g
-Carbohydrates-Total- 50.5g
-Carbohydrates-Sugar- 2.2g
-Sodium- 12mg

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 19.0 × 7.0 × 26.0 cm