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The black-eye bean gets its name form its physical appearance of a white bean with a black spot resembling an eye in the centre. this legume is known to be classified in the ‘meat’ section of the pyramid because it is regarded to be consumed as a substitute for meat.

Health Benefits of Black-Eye Beans:
A good source of soluble fibre which aids in decreasing blood-cholesterol levels and can reduce the risk of heart disease. Also helping patients with diabetes to maintain and improve blood sugar levels, because the fibre helps to slow the rate of absorption of carbohydrate. Potassium is used for the function of all cells, tissues and organs throughout the body.

Also vital for heart function and plays a key role in muscle contraction. Healthy adults over the age of 19 need at least 2000mg per day and these beans provide over half of that in one serving (1148mg). They contain a small amounts of naturally occurring sodium: 48 milligrams. Because of their other heart-healthy nutrients, legumes are encouraged for even those with cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure. Zinc is essential for the immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing and healthy cell division; and is found in the black-eye bean. Black-eyed peas provide five of the 8-11 milligrams of zinc that is recommended each day by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institutes of Medicine.

Product of USA

Nutritional Information (per 100g serve):
-Energy- 1435kj
-Protein- 23.5g
-Fat-Total- 1.3g
-Fat-Saturated- 0.3g
-Carbohydrates-Total- 42.5g
-Carbohydrates-Sugar- 6.9g
-Sodium- 16mg