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Bloodroot (Sanguinaria candensis L.) a native plant to Eastern North America has been used for thousands of years as a dye for clothing and skin ointments. It’s medicinal uses have changed slightly to better suit it’s now known properties. Although the sap is known to contain a number of alkaloids that are poisonous in large quantities.

It as an emetic, cathartic, expectorant and emmenagogue. It is of great value in a tonic for dyspepsia, asthma, bronchitis, croup and may cause an expectorant reaction. It helps for pulmonary consumption, nervous irritation, lowers high pulse and heart disease, and aids the weakness and palpitation of heart if great use.

It can be applied onto fungal growths, ulcers, fleshy excrescences, cancerous affections and as an escharotic. Not to be used when pregnant. Be sure to know your dosage levels as told by your Naturopath or doctor, as it can be toxic.

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