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Blue Flag Root (Iris veriscolor) is a herb used for its dried root (rhizome) or fresh root for poultice. It can be prepared as a tea, extract or rarely capsules for easier ingesting. This herb is not to be used by pregnant women unless supervised by a health practitioner.

Its active constituents are iridin, volatile oils, salicylic and isophthalic acids, gum, resin, tannin and sterols. Although excessive use can cause burning of the throat, nausea and diarrhoea. Seek practitioner support for an appropriate method of dosage. It has alterative properties, it is a useful purgative in disorders of the liver and intestinal glands, it is used for constipation and biliousness, as well as bloating and to prevent vomiting. It’s chief use is for syphilis, some forms of low-grade scrofula and skin conditions, also valuable in dropsy.

It is a natural diuretic, emetic and laxative. It is medically used for edema, as a blood cleanser, ailments of the adrenal glads, thyroid, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, genitals, the lymphatics and rheumatism. It has a stimulating effect on saliva flow, bile and gastric secretion. It can be used as a healing action on prostate glands.

Blue Flag Root can also be applied externally. The fresh root can be pounded into a pulp and is best used as a poultice for inflammation around fingers and toe nails, as well as externally applying leaves on bruises and eruptive skin conditions. This herb was first discovered and used for its medicinal properties by the Native Americans but because of research all of the above uses have now been cultivated and further applications of the herb have arisen.

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