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Californian Poppy is native to California and thrives along the Western coast of the United States. It has also been found in the south of France, Chile and Australia. A beautiful orange blooming flower used for adornment and harvested for its medicinal properties in the roots, seeds and leaves.

The main active ingredients are alkaloids, chelirubine, sanguinarine, macarpine and also contains flavonglycosides. It’s a sedative, analgesic, antispasmodic in action and this particular species of poppy does not contain opium.

The most common treatments is in the diffusion for treating the various physical and psychological conditions including insomnia, bedwetting (incontinence), anxiety and nervous tension, particularly in children. Other treatments include, with practitioner supervision, using the sedative properties for behavioral disorders such as ADD and ADHD in children and young adults.

It has been known to improve the intellectual capacity, memory and concentration in the elderly due to its analgesic and antispasmodic properties it has been found to relieve acute nerve and muscular centered pain. Also used to treat tooth pain. The odontalgic properties are found in the plant’s root, which is cut and applied directly to the affected area. As well as for external

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