Chana Dhall Organic 500g


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Chana Dhall is widely eaten across most region of India and if eaten with roti and rice is known to be a complete protein dosage for the body. It is high in fiber, folic, protein and zinc. It helps to lower cholesterol levels and is low on the GI count. Due to the high fiber content it helps to manage weight and is especially a great source of protein for vegetarians. Other minerals include manganese, magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus.

Chana Dhall also helps to keep your blood sugar levels in constant homeostasis due to the potassium and magnesium that help keep your electrolyte balance in check thus relieving hypertension and great for diabetics. Helps to prevent anaemia and aids in preventing cardiac complications, also helps to regulate hormones in the body especially for women.

Product of India

Nutritional Information (per 100g serve):
-Energy- 347g
-Protein- 24g
-Fat-Total- 1.4g
-Fat-Saturated- 0g
-Carbohydrates-Total- 59.6g
-Carbohydrates-Sugar- tba
-Sodium- 0mg