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Ziziphus jujube var spinosa 

Chines Date Seed or more commonly known as ‘jujube’ derives from China and goes as far back as being cultivated over 4000 years ago by 400 cultivars before it was later introduced into the Americas and later Europe in the 1800’s. It bares a date-like fruit (drupe) that is harvested and dried for its beneficial properties.

The jujube is beneficial for aiding with restless sleep, due to its high iron and phosphorus content which is key to red blood cells helps with weakness, fatigue and anemia. With it’s low-calorie count and high protein and fibre this supplement is great for controlling weight as well as a great source of minerals, calcium for improvement of bone strength. Boosts immunity, reduces stress and anxiety, and due to its positive correlation with the bioactive compounds in the jujube results showed a reduction in free radical activity and spread of cancerous cells.

Date Seed extract and juice has been used topically and internally ingested to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Its high fibre content aids in digestion and the saponins and alkaloids found in the Chinese Date Seed help to detoxify the blood.

WARNING: dangerous for diabetic sufferers due to the number of complex carbohydrates that can negatively affect the blood sugar levels; natural allergy; consult a health care practitioner for an allergy test if irritation occurs or for further consumption.


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