Coconut Shredded Organic 500g


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Coconut is a healthy snack that can be consumed as a dessert topping, on your breakfast cereals, in your protein bars, in your salads or in rich savory recipes. They provide you with healthy fats and oils that are great for your metabolism as well as great for your skin and hair complexion.

Protein rebuilds cells and helps you maintain healthy tissues and muscles, shredded coconut provides essential dietary fibre. Is a good source of iron supporting your immune system. Iron is crucial for the formation of haemoglobin, which is the protein in red blood cells that is responsible for getting oxygen to each part of your body. Not enough iron, can make your cells starve oxygen, which can lead to weakness and fatigue.

Zinc is a mineral crucial to the strength and health of your immune system, and it also plays a critical role in healing wounds, supporting normal cell division and enables you to taste, see and smell properly.  Coconut is a good source of zinc.

Product of Philippines

Nutritional Information (per 100 g serve):

-Energy- 2761 kj
-Protein- 6.9 g
-Fat-Total- 65.10 g
-Fat-Saturated- 57.50 g
-Carbohydrates-Total- 23.7 g
-Carbohydrates- Sugar- 7.4 g
-Sodium- 37 mg