Vitamin C With Hesperidin Complex 200g


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Low allergenic buffered formula to assist in Vitamin C deficiencies (a dietary nutritional supplement).

Can assist in reducing the severity and duration of the symptoms of colds, and relief of the symptoms of hay fever. Also assists in maintaining peripheral circulation, Acts as an antioxidant. When stirred in glass, gives a refreshing citrus flavour.

Australian Product

Each 2 grams powder contains:

Ascorbic Acid as calcium ascorbate dihydrate- 291mg

Ascorbic Acid- 700mg

Total Vitamin C content 991mg

Hesperidin- 225mg

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Ferrum Metallicum (H) 30 X- 2.50mg

Manganum Metallicum (H) 30X- 2.50mg

Zincum Metallicum (H) 30X- 2.50mg

Selenium Metallicum (H) 30X- 5.0mg

Also contains Silica colloidal anhydrous, Glucose, Riboflavin sodium phosphate, natural lemon flavour and herbal sweetner stevia.

Free of: Yeast, corn and wheat, artificial sweetners or flavours, lactose and sucrose.

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