The Benefits of Fresh, Organic Food

There is no doubt that the quality of the produce that you eat is crucial to living a happy, healthy life. However, in this day and age it can be difficult to tell what contains sufficient nutrients.

Organic food is consistently advertised as being a much healthier alternative to conventionally-sourced produce, nevertheless, the generally higher price can be enough to turn off potential customers. Are the prices worth it? What are the benefits of choosing to eat organically? What are the facts around this growing industry?

Although pesticides are only present in food in very small amounts, the overall impact on your health is very well documented. While effects of low doses don’t show immediately, long term exposure can result in significant health problems. For instance, memory loss, depression, loss of coordination, and decreased fertility can result from pesticide exposure. Some studies have even linked pesticide exposure to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to this, a study conducted by Newcastle University reached the conclusion that organic produce are up to 60% higher in key antioxidants compared to conventionally-sourced produce. The England based study involved monitoring 2 identical farms side by side. One of which used conventional farming practices, while the other used organic farming practices. The research was conducted over 4 years and was meticulously scrutinized by 33 academic institutions. This study adds to 90 others that similarly say that organic produce is much more nutritious.

Based on the above evidence, the only reasonable conclusion we can draw is that organic food is definitely crucial to healthy eating.

At Rainbow Wholefoods, we go out of our way to purchase freshly grown, mostly organic produce. This, along with our competitive prices, friendly atmosphere, and “go above and beyond” attitude makes Rainbow Wholefoods the perfect place to purchase your produce.