Colloidal Silver

Our Colloidal Silver product is an 100% Australian made, extra concentrated substance recognised in successfully treating more than 650 diseases. With no chemicals used in the production of this product, the Colloidal Silver contains sub-microscopic particles of silver, distilled in water. Silver is a strong, natural antibiotic which kills disease associated organisms, and is a non-toxic substance. Colloidal Silver can be used to purify and sanitise drinking water, use on skin issues and cleanse cuts.

As recognised by Dr Robert Becker, the correlation between low silver levels and sickness is common, the silver deficiency being responsible for the weakening of the immune system.

Colloidal Silver can be used orally, to treat cold and flu symptoms and to help strengthen the immune system. It can be taken externally, with an atomizer inhaler, in the eyes, via colonics/douches, to sanitize water and act as a digestive aid.